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Who we are and what we stand for

During the course of sourcing and curating some of the country’s rarest handicrafts for friends and family, Nu Casa began to take the shape of a brand that is devoted to plunging forward with an aim to aid the local artisans residing in Indian states by taking their skilled, talented and hard-working industry directly to you - our tasteful patrons who want to explore their timeless products.

This initiative is not just a means to an end but a doorway to what lies ahead. The world of Indian handicrafts, which was once on the verge of diminishing, is now being revived by the collective efforts of the pool of studios, stores and suppliers - of which we are a small part. And at the centre of it all is you - who chooses to buy an Indian handicraft, contributing to the slow, yet sustainable growth of this industry, as a whole.

It is when our curation combines with your acceptance that we can create a world where our local handicraftsmen are given their due credit, and their work can earn the praise it deserves. On that note, we welcome you to Nu Casa, with a promise to bring you the best product ranges from the myriad of artisanship in India.