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Sleepy Owl Print Copper Bottle - 1L

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About the product:

Capacity - 1000ml

Weight of the bottle - 300 Grams Approx

Purity - 99.8%  E-certificate of Copper Available

So much has been written, painted, sung, and photographed about birds - yet, we feel that their beauty can never be truly defined. An ode to our feathered friends in the sky, this Flight of Birds Print Copper Bottle is a treat to the eyes.

If the image of this bottle is so adorable, we don’t have the slightest doubt that you’ll goawwas soon as you get your hands on this bottle. One of the best gifts this season, this print has won many hearts and continues to feature on our bestseller list.

Benefits of drinking water from a copper bottle:

Copper is a trace mineral that is essential for human health. Antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties are all possessed by copper. Water stored in a copper bottle has numerous health benefits and aids in immune system boosting.

There is no refund, only exchange policy. 

Tips to clean:
Coconut Coir Bottle Cleaner can assist in keeping your kitchenware clean. This cleaner is fully biodegradable. Since coconut fiber is inherently anti-microbial, it does not smell or get mouldy like synthetic scrubs.

Our Preferred way of cleaning:

  • Make a paste of Cornmeal, White Vinegar/ lemon juice
  • Pour the paste inside your copper bottle
  • Add 1/3rd cup of water
  • Rub with coconut coir brush,
  • Rinse it well with warm water and,
  • Dry it with the cotton cloth immediately.

Why our products are unique:
The process of making copper utensils or any other metalware is distinct in a way that it has been passed down to generations by skilled artisans, living in rural India. With the right amount of attention to detail, each of these products has been handcrafted to be able to deliver a true sense of utility and art.

It is during this process of handcrafting that the final outcome of the product’s surface of each unit might differ from the other - leaving behind the subtle hints of a human’s touch. The handcrafted nature of these products can at times, give rise to slight inconsistencies and irregularities that are a characteristic outcome of human involvement in the entire process.

While there are zero compromises on the quality of materials, the variance in the texture, print, color, shape or size, or the appearance of certain marks and smudges on the prints are only a result of handmade manufacturing, and we at Nu Casa, like to think of them as punctuations in the retelling of a great story!

We hope you enjoy using the product as much as our artisan brothers and sisters enjoy making them for you.

Customer Reviews

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Rutuja Mulik

Sleepy Owl Print Copper Bottle - 1L

Abhishek Bhoir

Bottle quality is too good must recommended product


Sleepy Owl Print Copper Bottle - 1L

Sushma Rao

Bottle is good using from few days will recommend to buy if you are looking for copper. I wish the price was little reasonable

Priyanka Mundra

Sleepy Owl Print Copper Bottle - 1L


Ask a Question
  • If we keep fridge cold water in it is it remains cold in this bottle ?? If yes for how much time ??

    It is a pure copper bottle. Not insulated one!